TOEFL Structure


Questions I through 15 in the Structure and Written Expression section of the TOEFL test measure your knowledge of the correct structure of English sentences. The questions in this section are multiple-choice questions in which you must choose the letter of the answer that best completes the sentence.



________ greeted me enthusiastically at the front door.

(A) Parental

(B) If

(C) My friends

(D) Them

In this example, you should notice immediately that the sentence has a verb, greeted, and that the verb needs a subject. Answers (A), (B), and (D) are incorrect because parental, if, and them are not subjects. The correct answer is answer (C).

1.  First study the sentence. Your purpose is to determine what is needed to complete the sentence correctly.


2.  Then study each answer based on how well it completes the sentence. Eliminate answers that do not complete the sentence correctly.


3.   Do not try to eliminate incorrect answers by looking only at the answers. The incorrect answers are generally correct by themselves. The incorrect answers are generally incorrect only when used to complete the sentence.


4.    Never leave any answers blank. Be sure to answer each question even if you are unsure of the correct response.


5. Do not spend too much time on the Structure questions. Be sure to leave adequate time for the Written Expression questions.

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