TOEFL Listening Part C - Skill 12: The Order of the Answers


TOEFL Listening Part C
The answers in Listening Part C are generally found in order in the talk (as they were in Listening Part B). This means that as you listen to the talk, you should be thinking about the answers to the questions in the order that they are listed in the test book.

On the recording, you hear:

(narrator)  Questions 1 through 3. Listen to a talk about cats.

(woman)  Many people are allergic to cats. If they come in contact with cats, they sneeze their skin turns red, and their eyes begin to burn. However, it is not only people who suffer from allergies. Cats may also be allergic to pollen, dust, and perfumes, many of the same agents that cause allergies in people. Perhaps your cat is sneezing and has watery eyes. If you think that your cat has some allergies, a veterinarian can prescribe medication to help solve the problem.

On the recording, you hear:
(narrator) 1. What happens to people who suffer from allergies?

                   2. What is mentioned about cats?

                   3. What can someone do with a cat that has allergies?

In your test book, you read (same time):
1. (A) They shout.
    (B) They drive red cars.
    (C) They sneeze
    (D) They close their eyes.
2. (A) They often wear perfume.
    (B) They can have allergies
   (C) They don’t ever suffer.
   (D) They like dust and pollen.
3. (A) Nothing.
    (B) Bathe it frequently.
   (C) Put it outside.
   (D) Give it medicine
The first question asks what happens to people who suffer from allergies. The speaker says that they sneeze, so the best answer is answer (C). The second question asks what is mentioned about cats. The speaker says that cats may also be allergic, so the best answer is answer (B), they can have allergies. The third question asks what to do with a cat that has allergies. The speaker says that a veterinarian can prescribe medication, so the best answer is answer (D), give it medicine.

EXERCISE 12: Listen to each complete talk, and answer the questions that follow.


1. (A) A beautiful plant.

    (B) A poisonous plant.

    (C) A delicious plant.

    (D) A fast-growing plant.


2. (A) In vegetable gardens.

    (B) Only in the United States.

    (C) In supermarkets.

    (D) In many different places.


3. (A) Its leaves resemble parsley.

    (B) It grows next to carrots.

   (C) Its leaves are shaped like carrots.

   (D) It does not have roots.


4. (A) The person may die.

    (B) The person may get lots of healthful nutrients.

   (C) The person may enjoy it and want more.

   (D) The person may become dangerous.


5. (A) A story-writing contest.

    (B) A frog-catching contest.

    (C) A singing contest.

    (D) A frog-jumping contest.


6. (A) Sixty-three.

    (B) Two hundred.

    (C) Two thousand.

    (D) Forty thousand.


7. (A) One.

    (B) Two.

    (C) Three.

    (D) Four.

8. (A) The contest took place for years before Twain wrote about it.

     (B) Twain wrote about the contest while he was watching it for the first time.

     (C) Twain went to see the contest many times during his lifetime.

     (D) Twain wrote about the contest before it actually took place.


9. (A) A student.

    (B) A professor.

    (C) A bookstore clerk.

    (D) A librarian.


10. (A) The place where students get ID cards.

      (B) The place where students can use computers.

      (C) The place where students check books out.

      (D) The place where students find books in the library.


11. (A) A fee.

      (B) A student identification card.

      (C) Permission from the instructor.

      (D) A computer.


12. (A) A few hours.

      (B) Two days.

      (C) Fourteen days.

      (D) Two months.

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