Materi dan Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 2

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1. To Dress Up - Memakai Pakaian Formal


  • Today, we're heading to the theater, so let's dress up in nice clothes!

  • No need to dress up too fancy for Mike's party.

2. At Last - Akhirnya, Setelah Lama Menunggu


  • We waited for hours, and at last, the train arrived.

  • Now that I'm sixteen, at last, I can drive my parents' car.

3. As Usual - Seperti Biasa


  • George is late for class as usual. It happens every day.

  • As usual, Dora received first prize in the swimming contest. She's a champion!

4. To Find Out - Mencari Tahu


  • Can you please find out what time the airplane arrives?

  • I'll call right now to find it out.

5. To Look At - Memberikan Perhatian; Menonton


  • The teacher told us to look at the blackboard, not our books.

  • I love to walk along a country road at night and look at the stars.

6. To Look For - Mencari Sesuatu


  • He's spent over an hour looking for the pen that he lost.

  • So there you are! We've looked all over for you.

7. All Right - Diterima; Baik


  • He said it would be all right to wait in her office until she returned.

  • Do you want me to turn off the TV? Alright, if you insist.

8. All Along - Sejak Awal Tanpa Perubahan


  • She knew all along that we'd never agree with his plan.

  • You're smiling! Did you know all along that I'd give you a birthday present?

9. Little by Little - Sedikit Demi Sedikit


  • Karen's health seems to be improving little by little.

  • If you study regularly each day, step by step your vocabulary will increase.

10. To Tire Out - Menyebabkan Sangat Lelah


  • The hot weather tired out the runners in the marathon.

  • Does studying for final exams wear you out? It makes me feel worn out!

11. To Call On - Meminta Tanggapan; Mengunjungi


  • Jose didn't know the answer when the teacher called on him.

  • Last night several friends called on us at our home. Surprise visit!

12. Never Mind - Tak Usah Dipikirkan; Abaikan


  • When he spilled his drink on my coat, I said, "Never mind. It needs to be cleaned anyway."

  • So you weren't listening to me again. Never mind; it wasn't important.

Semoga cerita-cerita ini membuat belajar idiom bahasa Inggris menjadi lebih seru! Ingat untuk menggunakan idiom tersebut dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kalian. Sampai jumpa di blog berikutnya!

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 2

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 2

A. Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for the italicized word or words in each sentence below. Idioms from previous lessons are indicated by number.

1. Nan is trying to find the purse that she lost yesterday.

A. finding out
B. looking at
C. looking for

2. As is typical, Doug is late for the meeting.

A. At last
B. All along
C. As usual

3. Were you able to determine what his occupation is?

A. to find out
B. to pick up (Lesson 1)
C. to call on

4. I am very weary after all that physical exercise today.

A. turned off (Lesson 1)
B. tired out
C. never mind

5. John's mother knew that he wasn't telling the truth from the beginning.

A. all along
B. all right
C. little by little

6. Some old friends of mine visited us last night.

A. called on
B. called up (Lesson 1)
C. wore out

7. Eventually, Mario will be able to speak English better than he does now.

A. Never mind
B. Sooner or later (Lesson 1)
C. At last

8. Is it acceptable for Mary to borrow our car for a few hours?

A. right away (Lesson 1)
B. all right
C. step by step

9. Would you please give your attention to me while I'm talking?

A. dress up
B. look at
C. wear out

10. They waited for forty-five minutes until finally the waiter brought their food.

A. at last
B. little by little
C. at first

Score: 0

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