Materi dan Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 1

Pengertian Idiom:

Idiom adalah ungkapan atau frase yang memiliki makna khusus yang tidak dapat diartikan secara harfiah. Biasanya, idiom memiliki arti yang berbeda dari arti kata-kata individu yang membentuknya. Penggunaan idiom membuat bahasa lebih kaya dan sering digunakan dalam percakapan sehari-hari.

Kapan Menggunakan Idiom:

Idiom digunakan untuk memberikan warna dan kekayaan dalam bahasa. Mereka sering digunakan dalam percakapan informal, dan pemahaman terhadap idiom membantu kita berkomunikasi secara lebih efektif. Pemahaman terhadap konteks dan situasi penting untuk menggunakan idiom dengan benar.

Pelajaran 1: Berpindah Tempat

Idiom: To Get In / To Get On

Arti: Masuk atau naik ke dalam kendaraan.


  • It's easiest to get in the car from the driver's side.

  • I always get on the bus to work at 34th Street.

Idiom: To Get Out Of / To Get Off

Arti: Keluar atau turun dari kendaraan.


  • Why don't we stop and get out of the car for a while?

  • Helen got off the train at the 42nd Street terminal.

Pelajaran 2: Berpakaian Rapi

Idiom: To Put On

Arti: Memakai pakaian.


  • Mary put on her coat and left the room.

  • Put your hat on before you leave the house.

Idiom: To Take Off

Arti: Melepas pakaian.


  • John took off his jacket as he entered the office.

  • Take your sweater off. The room is very warm.

Pelajaran 3: Komunikasi

Idiom: To Call Up

Arti: Menelepon (juga: memberi seseorang panggilan).


  • I forgot to call up Mr. Jones yesterday. I'd better call him now.

  • Call me up tomorrow, Jane. We'll arrange a time to have lunch together.

  • I promise to give you a call as soon as I arrive in New York.

Pelajaran 4: Teknologi dan Alat Elektronik

Idiom: To Turn On

Arti: Menyalakan atau mengaktifkan.


  • Please turn on the light; it's too dark in here.

  • Do you know who turned the air conditioning on?

Idiom: To Turn Off

Arti: Mematikan atau menonaktifkan.


  • Please turn off the light when you leave the room.

  • Are you really listening to the radio, or should I turn it off?

Pelajaran 5: Ekspresi Sehari-hari

Idiom: Right Away

Arti: Segera; langsung (juga: seketika).


  • Dad says that dinner will be ready right away, so we'd better wash our hands and set the table.

  • Tell Will to come to my office right away. I must see him immediately.

  • Stop playing that loud music at once!

Idiom: To Pick Up

Arti: Mengambil dari lantai, meja, dll., dengan jari.


  • Harry picked up the newspaper that was on the front doorstep.

  • Could you pick your toy up before someone falls over it?

Pelajaran 6: Waktu dan Ketekunan

Idiom: Sooner or Later

Arti: Suatu saat nanti, setelah jangka waktu tertentu.


  • If you study English seriously, sooner or later you'll become fluent.

  • I'm too tired to do my homework now; I'm sure I'll do it sooner or later.

Idiom: To Get Up

Arti: Bangun dari tidur atau tempat tidur.


  • Carlo gets up at seven o'clock every morning.

  • At what time should we get the children up tomorrow?

Pelajaran 7: Pada Awalnya

Idiom: At First

Arti: Pada awalnya, awalnya.


  • At first, English was difficult for him, but later he made great progress.

  • I thought at first that it was Sheila calling, but then I realized that it was Betty.

Idiomatic Expression Quiz

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 1

Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for the italicized word or words in each sentence below.

1. His alarm clock is always set for six o'clock. He arises at the same time every day.

A. turns off
B. gets up
C. puts on

2. She telephoned her friend to tell him about the meeting. They decided to drive there together.

A. turned on
B. took off
C. called up

3. It's 4 P.M. now, and this important letter must be mailed today. Can you take it to the post office immediately?

A. at first
B. right away
C. sooner or later

4. Be sure to switch off the light before you leave the house.

A. to turn off
B. to take off
C. to get off

5. Pat placed her new hat on her head while looking in the mirror.

A. picked up
B. put on
C. gets on

6. Remove your jacket and sit down for a few minutes.

A. Turn on
B. Get on
C. Take off

7. I want to stay unmarried for a while, but I hope to get married eventually.

A. sooner or later
B. right away
C. at first

8. In the beginning I thought that it was Bob who was in the car.

A. To get on
B. At once
C. At first

9. He boarded the bus at Broadway and 79th Street.

A. got off
B. got on
C. picked up

10. John took the pencil with his fingers and began to write a note.

A. turned on
B. got off
C. picked up

Score: 0

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