Materi dan Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 3

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blog giri-widodo yang Hebat! Siap untuk menjelajahi bahasa Inggris lewat idiom? Yuk, mari kita pelajari bersama-sama beberapa idiom yang biasa digunakan dalam keseharian. Let’s check it out, guys!

1. To Pick Out - Memilih dengan Cermat


  • Ann picked out a good book to give to her brother as a graduation gift.

  • Johnny, if you want me to buy you a toy, then pick one out now.

2. To Take One's Time - Melakukan Sesuatu Tanpa Terburu-buru


  • There's no need to hurry doing those exercises. Take your time.

  • William never works rapidly. He always takes his time in everything that he does.

3. To Talk Over - Membahas Bersama


  • We talked over Carlo's plan to install an air conditioner in the room, but we couldn't reach a decision.

  • Before I accepted the new job offer, I talked the matter over with my wife.

4. To Lie Down - Berbaring


  • If you are tired, why don't you lie down for an hour or so?

  • The doctor says that Grace must lie down and rest for a short time every afternoon.

5. To Stand Up - Berdiri dari Duduk atau Berbaring


  • When the president entered the room, everyone stood up.

  • Suzy, stop rolling around on the floor; get up now.

6. To Sit Down - Duduk


  • We sat down on the park bench and watched the children play.

  • There aren't any more chairs, but you can take a seat on the floor.

7. All (Day, Week, Month, Year) Long - Sepanjang (Hari, Minggu, Bulan, Tahun)


  • I've been working on my income tax forms all day long. I've hardly had time to eat.

  • It's been raining all week long. We haven't seen the sun since last Monday.

8. By Oneself - Sendiri, Tanpa Bantuan


  • Francis translated that French novel by himself. No one helped him.

  • Paula likes to walk through the woods by herself, but her brother prefers to walk with a companion.

9. On Purpose - Dengan Sengaja


  • Do you think that she didn't come to the meeting on purpose?

  • It was no accident that he broke my glasses. He did it on purpose.

10. To Get Along with Someone (Something) - Berhubungan Baik dengan Seseorang (atau Sesuatu)


  • Terry isn't getting along with her new roommate; they argue constantly.

  • How are you getting on with your studies?

11. To Make a Difference (to Someone) - Berpengaruh (kepada Seseorang)


  • It makes a big difference to me whether he likes the food I serve.

  • Does it make any difference to you where we go for dinner?

  • No, it doesn't make any difference.

  • It makes no difference to Lisa either.

12. To Take Out - Mengeluarkan atau Mengajak Kencan


  • Students, take out your books and open them to page twelve.

  • Did you take Sue out last night?

  • No, she couldn't go out with me. 

Semoga beberapa idiom di atas membuat belajar idiom bahasa Inggris jadi lebih seru! Jangan lupa untuk mencoba menggunakan idiom dalam percakapan sehari-hari. Agar lebih paham lagi, yuk cek pemahaman kalian dengan mengerjakan soal-soal di bawah ini. Are you ready, dude?

Idiomatic Expression Quiz

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 3

A. Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for the italicized word or words in each sentence below. Idioms from previous lessons are indicated by number.

1. I think that you should remove the last two sentences in the paragraph.

A. take out
B. pick out
C. talk over

2. If you don't hurry in completing your schoolwork, you'll do a better job.

A. get off (Lesson 1)
B. lie down
C. take your time

3. How are you succeeding in your new job?

A. getting on with
B. making a difference to
C. picking out

4. I don't like to go to the movies alone.

A. as usual (Lesson 2)
B. by myself
C. on purpose

5. Do you have a moment to try to find my keys with me?

A. to talk over
B. to look for (Lesson 2)
C. to get up

6. The child said that she didn't break the window deliberately.

A. on purpose
B. all day long
C. making a difference

7. Did you go on a date with your new girlfriend again today?

A. get along with
B. stand up
C. go out with

8. It's cold outside; you'd better place a sweater on yourself.

A. sit down
B. put on (Lesson 1)
C. take out

9. Fortunately, Marie is associating well with her new co-workers.

A. calling on (Lesson 2)
B. talking over
C. getting along with

10. Don't sit on the dirty ground like that; rise right now!

A. get up
B. lie down
C. sit down

Score: 0

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