Latihan Soal Asesmen Sekolah Akhir Semester 1 (ASAS 1) Kelas 8 Bahasa Inggris

Untuk mempersiapkan ASAS 1 Bahasa Inggris kelas 8, silakan kalian belajar dengan mencoba beberapa soal dialog di bawah ini.


Latihan Soal ASAS 1

Latihan Soal ASAS

Dialog for Questions Number 1 – 3:

Rama: Hi Febri!

Febri: Hi Rama! What's up?

Rama: My friends and I will hold a friendly football match in the school field on Sunday. I wish you could join with our team.

Febri: Ok, I'd love to come! That would be very interesting!

Rama: Yes, of course. Please be around the school on Sunday at 3 p.m.

Febri: Ok.

1. The underlined expression is to express....

A. Accepting invitation
B. Declining invitation
C. Inviting someone
D. Refusing invitation

2. The dialog tells us that….

A. Rama cannot join the football match
B. There will be a friendly football match on Sunday
C. Febri cannot join the football match on Sunday
D. The football match will be held on the school field in the morning

3. Rama asks Febri to….

A. Come and watch the football match
B. Come to the school field on Sunday at 3 p.m
C. Join the team in the football match on Sunday
D. Give information about the friendly football match

Dialog for Questions Number 4 – 7:

Tino: Hi Fania!

Fania: Hi Tino, please come in.

Tino: Oh, Thank you. I just want to say something and then I will go home quickly.

Fania: Okay. Why do you come to my house?

Tino: I want to tell you that I will hold a birthday party tomorrow. I hope you could join us.

Fania: Unfortunately I can't. My mom is sick, so I have to take care of her now.

Tino: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your mother will get better very soon.

Fania: Thank you, Tino.

4. Tino asks Fania to….

A. go home quickly
B. take care of her mom
C. come to Tino’s house
D. come to Tino’s birthday party

5. From the dialog, we know that….

A. Fania comes to Tino’s house
B. Fania will join Tino’s birthday party
C. Tino invites Fania to come to his birthday party
D. Tino’s mother was sick, so he should take care of her

6. “Unfortunately I can't” What does Fania mean? It means that she ….

A. refuses the invitation
B. accepts the invitation
C. invites someone
D. agrees to the invitation

7. "I hope you could join us." The expression expresses….

A. refusing the invitation
B. accepting the invitation
C. inviting someone
D. agreeing to the invitation

Dialog for Question Number 8:

Nania: Can you make a cup of coffee for me, Ana?

Ana: ….

8. The suitable response to complete the dialog is….

A. Yes, I cannot
B. No, I cannot
C. Yes, she can
D. No, she cannot

Dialog for Question Number 9:

A: Are you able to edit this photo?

B: ….But my brother is able to do it well.

9. The suitable expression to complete the dialog is….

A. No, I am not able to do that
B. Yes, my brother is able to do that
C. No, my brother is not able to do that
D. Yes, I am able to do that

Question Number 10:

10. The expression to give instruction is….

A. I can clean it
B. Can I join you?
C. Will you come?
D. Come in, please!

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