Materi dan Latihan Soal Inviting, Accepting & Declining Invitation


  • I was wondering if you would like to join us for a meal. 

  • Perhaps you would like to have dinner at my home. 

  • Perhaps you would like to come round for a meal.

  • We wanted to invite you to dinner.

  • I thought you might like to try some of our local cuisine.

  • There’s a really nice place just a few minutes from here/ round the corner/ down the road. 

  • There’s a pretty good place you might like which specializes in fish.

  • There’s a great new place with a fantastic view of the city.



  • Why not come round for a drink? 

  • What about going out for a meal? 

  • Why not join us for a drink?

  • Fancy going for a drink/ a meal?

  • There’s a really nice place just a few minutes from here/ round the corner.

  • Shall we meet later tonight to discuss it over dinner?

  • Let’s discuss it later over a drink.



  • That’s very kind of you. 

  • Thank you for inviting me. 

  • I’d like that very much.

  • I’d be delighted to come.

  • Thank you. That’d be very nice. 

  • I’ll look forward to it.

  • Yes, please. Thanks.

  • That’s/ What a good idea. 

  • That sounds good/ fun.


 Setting the details

  • What time should I come? 

  • Where shall we meet? 

  • Shall I pick you up?

  • What time/ Where shall I pick you up?

  • Shall we meet at half past seven? 

  • Say at half past seven.



  • Thank you very much, but I’m afraid I can’t come.

  •  That’s very kind of you,  unfortunately I have arranged something else.

  • Unfortunately, I’m busy on Tuesday. 

  • Thanks, but I won’t be able to make it then. 

  • No, thank you/ thanks.

  • I’m all right, thanks.

  • I can manage.

Invitation Expressions Quiz

Latihan Soal Invitation

1. Dialog:

Alex: "Hey, planning a birthday party this weekend. Would you like to come?"

Sarah: "Sure, I'd love to! What time should I be there?"

Which expression did Alex use to invite Sarah to the birthday party?

2. Dialog:

Jake: "I was thinking of grabbing lunch at the new place downtown. Interested?"

Emily: "That sounds great! I'm in. What time?"

What does Jake say to invite Emily to lunch?

3. Dialog:

Mark: "There's a school event next week. Want to go together?"

Lisa: "Absolutely! I wouldn't miss it. What's the event?"

How does Mark invite Lisa to the school event?

4. Dialog:

Chris: "I'm catching a movie this Friday. Care to join me?"

Taylor: "I'm up for it! Which movie are we watching?"

What expression does Chris use to invite Taylor to the movie?

5. Dialog:

Jordan: "I have a study group session tomorrow. Want to study together?"

Morgan: "Sure, I could use some help. What time?"

How does Jordan invite Morgan to the study group session?

6. Dialog:

Andrea: "Our group needs to meet for the project. Can you make it this Saturday?"

David: "I'll be there. Where should we meet?"

What would David respond to Andrea's invitation?

7. Dialog:

Ashley: "We're having a family dinner on Sunday. Want to join us?"

Jordan: "I appreciate the invitation! What time should I be there?"

How might Ashley reply to Jordan's acceptance of the invitation?

8. Dialog:

Ryan: "Thinking of heading out for an outing this weekend. Interested?"

Morgan: "Sounds like fun! Where are we going?"

What could Ryan say next in response to Morgan's interest?

9. Dialog:

Taylor: "There's a sports game on Friday night. Want to come and watch?"

Chris: "I'm in! Which game is it?"

How might Taylor continue the conversation after Chris's acceptance?

10. Dialog:

Jordan: "The school dance is next month. Would you like to go with me?"

Morgan: "Sure, I'd love to! What should I wear?"

What would Jordan say in response to Morgan's acceptance?

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