TOEFL Listening Part C - Review Exercise Skills 10-12

TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 10—12): In this exercise, you will use all of the information that you learned in Skills 10 through 12.


1. (A) An artist.

    (B) A circus performer.

    (C) John Ringling.

    (D) A tour guide.


2. (A) Because he was from Sarasota, Florida.

    (B) Because he knew Rubens.

    (C) Because he started a circus.

    (D) Because he painted baroque-style paintings.


3. (A) Modern circus equipment.

    (B) Paintings by Rubens.

    (C) A parade wagon.

    (D) A famous portrait of the Ringling brothers.


4. (A) Enter the museum.

    (B) Go to the circus.

    (C) Return to the bus.

    (D) Meet the Ring lings.


5. (A) An assembly line.

    (B) A car.

    (C) A company.

    (D) An inventor.


6. (A) In 1908.

    (B) In 1914.

    (C) In 1918.

    (D) In 1924.


7. (A) It was faster.

    (B) It was more efficient.

    (C) It was more individualized.

    (D) It was cheaper.


8. (A) It increased slowly.

    (B) It increased quickly.

    (C) It remained about the same.

    (D) It decreased.


9. (A) Students who will soon graduate from the Psychology Department.

    (B) Professors in the Psychology Department.

    (C) Graduate students in the Psychology Department.

    (D) Graduate advisors.


10. (A) Whether to write a thesis or take an exam.

      (B) Whether to be graduate or undergraduate students.

      (C) Whether to graduate this year or next.

      (D) Whether or not to study psychology


11. (A) Exams covering one or two hundred pages.

      (B) Exams about research.

      (C) Exams covering all material in the program.

      (D) Exams about recent developments in psychology.


12. (A) Today.

      (B) Soon.

      (C) Within six weeks.

      (D) Within half a year.

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