Materi dan Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 5


Mastering Everyday Idioms: Practical Expressions for Daily Life

Halo, pembaca setia blog giri-widodo! Kembali lagi dengan pelajaran idiom yang pastinya akan berguna dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Kali ini, mari kita simak beberapa ungkapan baru yang bisa membuat komunikasimu semakin kaya dan variatif.

1. To Look Out

Artinya: Berhati-hati atau waspada.


  • "Look out!" Jeffrey cried as his friend almost stepped in a big hole in the ground.

  • Look out for reckless drivers whenever you cross the street.

  • Small children should always watch out for strangers offering candy.

2. To Shake Hands

Artinya: Bertukar salam dengan cara berjabat tangan.


  • When people meet for the first time, they usually shake hands.

  • The student warmly shook hands with his old professor.

3. To Get Back

Artinya: Kembali.


  • Mr. Harris got back from his business trip to Chicago this morning.

  • Could you get the children back home by five o'clock?

4. To Catch Cold

Artinya: Terkena flu atau pilek.


  • If you go out in this rain, you will surely catch cold.

  • How did she ever catch cold in such warm weather?

5. To Get Over

Artinya: Sembuh dari penyakit; menerima kehilangan atau kesedihan.


  • It took me over a month to get over my cold, but I'm finally well now.

  • It seems that Mr. Mason will never get over the death of his wife.

6. To Make Up One's Mind

Artinya: Membuat keputusan akhir.


  • Sally is considering several colleges to attend, but she hasn't made up her mind yet.

  • When are you going to make up your mind about your vacation plans?

7. To Change One's Mind

Artinya: Mengubah keputusan atau pendapat.


  • We have changed our minds and are going to Canada instead of California this summer.

  • Matthew has changed his mind several times about buying a new car.

8. For the Time Being

Artinya: Sementara waktu.


  • For the time being, Janet is working as a waitress, but she really hopes to become an actress soon.

  • We're living in an apartment for now, but soon we'll be looking for a house to buy.

9. For Good

Artinya: Secara permanen, selamanya.


  • Ruth has returned to Canada for good. She won't ever live in the United States again.

  • Are you finished with school for good, or will you continue your studies some day?

10. To Call Off

Artinya: Membatalkan.


  • The referee called off the soccer game because of the darkness.

  • The president called the meeting off because she had to leave town.

11. To Put Off

Artinya: Menunda.


  • Many students put off doing their assignments until the last minute.

  • Let's put the party off until next weekend, okay?

12. In a Hurry

Artinya: Terburu-buru.


  • Alex seems in a hurry; he must be late for his train again.

  • She's always in a rush in the morning to get the kids to school.

Semoga dengan menguasai idiom-idiom ini, keseharianmu semakin berwarna dan lebih berkesan. Jangan lupa untuk mencoba mengaplikasikannya dalam percakapan sehari-hari, ya! Sampai jumpa di pelajaran selanjutnya.

Idiomatic Expression Quiz

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 5

Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for the italicized word or words in each sentence below.

1. Will you return in time for dinner or will you be home late tonight?

A. put off
B. get back
C. take place (Lesson 4)

2. It took me a long time to recover from the sadness of losing my girlfriend.

A. to get over
B. to look out
C. to change my mind

3. Do you think it's too early to telephone Cindy this morning?

A. to call off
B. to call on (Lesson 2)
C. to call up (Lesson 1)

4. James dislikes his smoking habit so much that he wants to quit forever.

A. for the time being
B. for good
C. in a hurry

5. At the last moment, Judy altered her decision about getting married so quickly.

A. changed her mind
B. made up her mind
C. never mind (Lesson 2)

6. Judy wanted to postpone the wedding for another two or three months.

A. to call off
B. to put off
C. to turn off (Lesson 1)

7. I'd like you to remove those toys from sight before they get broken.

A. to put away
B. to take out (Lesson 3)
C. to look out

8. If you don't wear a sweater in this cold weather, you'll become sick.

A. get over
B. catch cold
C. tire out (Lesson 2)

9. I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel like stopping temporarily.

A. in a hurry
B. to shake hands
C. for now

10. If you don't be careful, you'll cut your hands on that sharp knife.

A. look up (Lesson 4)
B. watch out
C. make up your mind

Score: 0

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