Materi dan Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 4

Idiom Lesson 4: Exploring Everyday Expressions

Halo, sobat blog giri-widodo! Kita kembali dengan pelajaran idiom yang lebih seru. Yuk, simak beberapa idiom baru yang pasti akan berguna dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

1. To Take Part In

Artinya: Terlibat dalam, berpartisipasi.


  • Martin was sick and could not take part in the meeting yesterday.

  • I didn't want to be in on their argument, so I remained silent.

2. At All

Artinya: Sama sekali, sedikit pun.


  • Larry isn't at all shy about expressing his opinions.

  • When I asked Donna whether she was tired, she said, "Not in the least. I'm full of energy."

3. To Look Up

Artinya: Mencari informasi di direktori, kamus, buku, dll.


  • Ellen suggested that we look up Lee's telephone number in the directory.

  • Students should try to understand the meaning of a new word from context before looking the word up in the dictionary.

4. To Wait On Someone

Artinya: Melayani di toko atau restoran.


  • A very pleasant young clerk waited on me in that shop.

  • The restaurant waitress asked us, "Has anyone waited on you yet?"

5. At Least

Artinya: Setidaknya, paling tidak.


  • I spend at least two hours every night on my studies.

  • Mike claims that he drinks at least a quart of water every day.

6. So Far

Artinya: Sampai sekarang, hingga saat ini.


  • So far, this year has been excellent for business. I hope that the good luck continues.

  • How many idioms have we studied in this book up to now?

  • As of yet, we have not had an answer from him.

7. To Take a Walk, Stroll, Hike, etc.

Artinya: Berjalan, jalan-jalan santai, mendaki, dll.


  • Last evening we took a walk around the park.

  • It's a fine day. Would you like to take a stroll along Mason Boulevard?

  • Let's take a hike up Cowles Mountain this afternoon.

8. To Take a Trip (To)

Artinya: Berpergian, bepergian jauh.


  • I'm so busy at work that I have no time to take a trip.

  • During the summer holidays, the Thompsons took a trip to Europe.

9. To Try On

Artinya: Mencoba pakaian sebelum membeli.


  • He tried on several suits before he picked out a blue one.

  • Why don't you try these shoes on next?

10. To Think Over

Artinya: Memikirkan dengan baik sebelum memutuskan.


  • I'd like to think over your offer first. Then can we talk it over tomorrow?

  • You don't have to give me your decision now. Think it over for a while.

11. To Take Place

Artinya: Terjadi, berlangsung sesuai rencana.


  • The regular meetings of the committee take place in Constitution Hall.

  • I thought that the celebration was taking place at John's house.

12. To Put Away

Artinya: Menyimpan agar tidak terlihat, meletakkan di tempat yang tepat.


  • Please put away your papers before you open the test booklet.

  • John put the notepad away in his desk when he was finished with it.

Semoga kalian menemukan idiom-idiom ini berguna dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Jangan ragu untuk mencoba menggunakannya, ya! Sampai jumpa di pelajaran berikutnya.

Idiomatic Expression Quiz

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 4

A. Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for the italicized word or words in each sentence below.

1. You'll have to locate his number in the telephone book.

A. to think over
B. to wait on
C. to look up

2. Let's go on a serious walk in the mountains this weekend.

A. take a hike
B. take a trip
C. take a stroll

3. You ought to spend a minimum of an hour outside in the fresh air.

A. in the least
B. as usual (Lesson 2)
C. at least

4. Would you like me to help you choose a new dress for the dance?

A. pick out (Lesson 3)
B. try on
C. put away

5. I've always wanted to journey to Alaska during the summer.

A. to take a walk
B. to take a trip
C. to take a stroll

6. It took a long time for the store clerk to serve us.

A. to call on (Lesson 2)
B. to take part in
C. to wait on

7. I don't enjoy this hot, humid weather to any degree.

A. at all
B. up to now
C. at last (Lesson 2)

8. Our guest will arrive soon; please remove your dirty clothes from sight.

A. try on
B. put away
C. get off (Lesson 1)

9. I'd better switch on the light so that we can see better in here.

A. be in on
B. turn on (Lesson 1)
C. try on

10. James didn't want to be involved in the preparations for the conference.

A. to take part in
B. to take place
C. to try on

Score: 0

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