TOEFL Listening Part B - Review Exercise Skills 7-9

TOEFL Listening Part B

TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 7 – 9): In this exercise, you will use all of the information that you learned in Skills 7 through 9.


1. (A) Where the woman lives.

    (B) Where the man can find out the time.

    (C) Where the school is located.

    (D) Where the man can mail something. 

2. (A) Several streets away.

    (B) Just over one block away.

    (C) Four miles away.

    (D) A great distance.


3. (A) For one hour.

    (B) For two hours.

    (C) For four hours.

    (D) For five hours.


4. (A) Go buy a package.

    (B) Go pick up his mail.

    (C) Go mail a package.

    (D) Get into his car.


5. (A) From a textbook.

    (B) From the television.

    (C) From a magazine.

    (D) From a lecture.


6. (A) How trees are grown in America.

    (B) How paper is made from trees.

    (C) Why paper is used so much.

    (D) The amount of paper that Americans use.


7. (A) 50 tons.

    (B) 50 million tons.

    (C) 85 million tons.

    (D) 850 million tons.


8. (A) Cut down more trees.

    (B) Use less paper.

    (C) Produce more paper.

    (D) Read more about the problem.


9. (A) The difficulty in finding some books.

    (B) How far it is to the library

    (C) The amount of reading they must do.

    (D) How much they don’t like the books.


10. (A) A speed-reading class.

      (B) An American novels class.

      (C) A library skills class.

      (D) A class in literary criticism.


11. (A) Some novels.

      (B) Some short stories.

      (C) A textbook.

      (D) Some journal articles.


12 (A) Go to the library.

     (B) Head for class.

     (C) Return to the dorms.

     (D) Start reading.

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