TOEFL Listening Part B - Skill 7: The Questions

TOEFL Listening Part B

It is very helpful to your ability to answer individual questions in Listening Part B if you can anticipate what the questions will be and listen specifically for the answers to those questions.


In your test book, you read:
    (A) On Monday
    (B) Next week
    (C) Tomorrow
    (D) After class

You try to anticipate the question:
When will something happen? 
In this example, you can be quite certain that one of the questions will be about when something will happen. Since you are sure that this is one of the questions, you can listen carefully for clues that will give you the answer. This example shows that a helpful strategy therefore is to look briefly at the answers in the test book, before you actually hear the conversations on the recording, and try to determine the questions that you will be asked to answer.

EXERCISE 7: Study the following answers and try to determine what the questions will be. (You should note that perhaps you will only be able to predict part of a question, rather than the complete question.) If you cannot predict the question in a short period of time, then move on to the next group of answers. Question 1 has been answered for you.

Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions

  1. Question: What ?

    • (A) What the assignment is.
    • (B) How good the professor is.
    • (C) The information in Chapter Six.
    • (D) What questions they should ask the professor.
  2. Question: ?

    • (A) Six pages.
    • (B) Six chapters.
    • (C) Sixty pages.
    • (D) The sixth chapter.
  3. Question: ?

    • (A) Whether or not they should read the chapters.
    • (B) Whether or not they should answer the questions.
    • (C) Which chapters they should read.
    • (D) When the professor gave the assignment.
  4. Question: ?

    • (A) Turn in the assignment.
    • (B) See the professor.
    • (C) Go to class.
    • (D) Talk to a classmate.
  5. Question: ?

    • (A) A bee stung him.
    • (B) He saw some bees and hornets.
    • (C) He was stung by a hornet.
    • (D) He took some eggs from a nest.
  6. Question: ?

    • (A) To liberate bees.
    • (B) To protect their nests.
    • (C) To hatch their eggs.
    • (D) To defend the park.
  7. Question: ?

    • (A) A hornet’s nest.
    • (B) Some bee’s eggs.
    • (C) A parked car.
    • (D) A swarm of bees.
  8. Question: ?

    • (A) To stay indoors.
    • (B) To see where the hornet’s nest is located.
    • (C) Not to walk in the same location as Greg.
    • (D) To keep away from Greg.
  9. Question: ?

    • (A) The size of the campus.
    • (B) The city bus system.
    • (C) The length of time for each class.
    • (D) The university bus system.
  10. Question: ?

    • (A) The entire campus.
    • (B) Part of the campus.
    • (C) The campus and the city.
    • (D) Only the off-campus areas.
  11. Question: ?

    • (A) Nothing.
    • (B) Three dollars.
    • (C) A few cents.
    • (D) Fifty cents.
  12. Question: ?

    • (A) Red.
    • (B) Green.
    • (C) Yellow.
    • (D) Blue.

Correct Answers:

  1. What ...?
  2. How much/many ...?
  3. What is unknown ...?
  4. What to do ...?
  5. What happened ...?
  6. What purpose ...?/ Why ...?
  7. What thing ...?
  8. What to do ...?
  9. What is the topic?
  10. What area ...?/ Where ...?
  11. How much money ...?
  12. What color ...?

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