Materi dan Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 6

Navigating Everyday Life with Idioms: Unveiling the Unspoken

Halo, sahabat pembelajar idioms! Blog giri-widodo hadir kembali dengan serangkaian ungkapan baru yang akan membantu memperkaya kosa kata dan kemampuan komunikasimu. Ayo kita bahas bersama beberapa idiom populer dan cara menggunakannya dalam percakapan sehari-hari.

1. Under the Weather

Arti: Sedang tidak merasa baik atau sakit.


  • John opted to work remotely because he was under the weather.

  • If you catch a cold, you might feel under the weather.

2. To Hang Up

Arti: Menempatkan pakaian di gantungan atau menggantungkan receiver pada telepon untuk mengakhiri percakapan.


  • Would you prefer me to hang up your coat in the closet?

  • The operator instructed me to hang the phone up and redial the number.

3. To Count On

Arti: Mempercayai seseorang pada saat dibutuhkan (juga: to depend on).


  • In an emergency, I can always count on my parents for help.

  • It's not advisable to count on Frank for a loan; he's short on funds.

4. To Make Friends (With)

Arti: Menjadi ramah dengan orang lain.


  • Patricia, being a bit shy, doesn't make friends with new people easily.

  • During the cruise, Ronald actively made friends with almost everyone on the ship.

5. Out of Order

Arti: Tidak berfungsi dengan baik.


  • We had to take the stairs because the elevator was out of order.

  • Unfortunately, the soft drink machine was out of order.

6. To Get To

Arti: Bisa melakukan sesuatu yang istimewa; tiba di suatu tempat.


  • The children got to stay up late and enjoy a family movie.

  • I missed the bus, and I couldn't get to the office until ten o'clock.

  • When are you planning to get home tonight?

7. Few and Far Between

Arti: Tidak sering atau jarang terjadi.


  • The occasions when our children get to stay up late are few and far between.

  • Airplane accidents are few and far between, making air travel safe.

8. To Look Over

Arti: Memeriksa atau meneliti dengan cermat.


  • Before submitting my homework, I always look it over again.

  • The politician looked over his speech before the crucial presentation.

  • Never sign any legal document without checking it over first.

9. To Have (Time) Off

Arti: Memiliki waktu luang atau tidak bekerja (juga: to take time off).


  • Every morning, the company workers have time off for a coffee break.

  • Some workers took the afternoon off to attend a baseball game.

10. To Go On

Arti: Terjadi atau melanjutkan.


  • Many people gathered near the accident to see what was going on.

  • I didn't mean to interrupt you. Please go on.

  • The speaker kept on talking even though most of the audience had left.

11. To Put Out

Arti: Memadamkan atau membuat sesuatu berhenti berfungsi.


  • Smoking is not allowed here. Please put out your cigarette.

  • The firefighters worked hard to put the brush fire out.

  • Please put out the light before you leave. Okay, I'll put it out.

12. All of a Sudden

Arti: Tiba-tiba, tanpa peringatan (juga: all at once).


  • All of a sudden, Ed appeared at the door. We weren't expecting him.

  • All at once, Millie got up and left the house without any explanation.

Semoga dengan memahami dan menggunakan idiom-idiom ini, percakapan sehari-harimu semakin berwarna dan menyenangkan. Jangan ragu untuk mencoba mengaplikasikannya dalam berbicara, ya! Sampai jumpa di pelajaran selanjutnya.

Idiomatic Expression Quiz

Latihan Soal Idiom - Lesson 6

Choose the appropriate idiomatic expression to substitute for the italicized word or words in each sentence below.

1. The businessman inspected the contract carefully before signing it.

A. looked over
B. looked out (Lesson 5)
C. counted on

2. What's happening, John? The smoke alarm is ringing but there's no fire!

A. putting out
B. going on
C. hanging up

3. The dark clouds rolled in quickly and it began to rain without warning.

A. all along (Lesson 2)
B. out of order
C. all of a sudden

4. When do you think that we'll arrive at the hotel this evening?

A. get on (Lesson 1)
B. go on
C. get to

5. I'm busy this week, but I hope to have time free next week.

A. to take my time (Lesson 3)
B. to have time off
C. to check over

6. Gradually I'm learning how to play tennis, thanks to my kind instructor.

A. Little by little (Lesson 2)
B. All at once
C. Few and far between

7. It's nice to know that I can trust you to help me when I need it.

A. count on
B. check over
C. make friends

8. The phone is making noise because you forgot to replace the receiver.

A. to go over
B. to take place (Lesson 4)
C. to hang up

9. He's so careful when he plays sports that injuries are unusual for him.

A. under the weather
B. few and far between
C. out of order

10. The students were happy because they were able to leave class early.

A. took time off to
B. went on
C. got to

Score: 0

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