TOEFL Structure: TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 5-6)

TOEFL Structure: TOEFL EXERCISE (Skills 5-6)
: Choose the letter of the word or group of word that best completes the sentence.

1.   A spacecraft is freed from friction ____ launched into space.

(A) it

(B) it is

(C) after is

(D) after it is


2.   ____ with their surroundings, or they hide in crevices for protection.

(A) Lobsters

(B) Lobsters blend

(C) Lobsters blending

(D) Because lobsters blend


3.   _____ a ball-and-socket joint, the elbow is a simple hinge joint.

(A) While the shoulder

(B) While the shoulder is

(C) The shoulder is

(D) The shoulder


4.   A car has several sections with moving parts, ____ of those parts is essential.

(A) good lubrication

(B) well lubricated

(C) and good lubrication

(D) and well lubricated


5.   Bears cannot see well _____ small eyes.

(A) bears have

(B) because having

(C) because they have

(D) because of bears


6.   _____ at the Isthmus of Panama, so animals were able to migrate between North and South America.

(A) A land bridge existed

(B) When a land bridge existed

(C) A land bridge

(D) With a land bridge


7.   ____ mostly made of granite, it also contains some human-made materials.

(A) The Empire State Building

(B) The Empire State Building is

(C) Although the Empire State Building is

(D) Although the Empire State Building is built


8.   Pressure differences make the eardrum vibrate _____ the ear.

(A) enters the sound waves

(B) as sound waves

(C) sound waves enter

(D) as sound waves enter


9.   An optical microscope magnifies as much as 2,000 times, but an electron microscope ____ as much as a million times.

(A) magnifying

(B) it magnifies

(C) can magnify

(D) magnify it


10.  If scientific estimates are accurate, ____ with the Earth about 20,000 years ago.

(A) the Canon Diablo meteorite collided

(B) the collision of the Canon Diablo meteorite

(C) the Canon Diablo meteorite colliding

(D) colliding the Canon Diablo meteorite

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