TOEFL Structure: Review Exercise (Skills 3-4)


TOEFL Structure: Review Exercise (Skills 3-4): Each of the following sentences contains one or more past participles. Underline the subjects once and the verbs twice. Circle the past participles, and label them as adjectives or verbs. Then indicate if the sentences are correct (C) or incorrect (I).

_____ 1. Our hosts are serving drinks on the tiled patio.

_____ 2. The tired woman taking a much-needed nap.

_____ 3. The letters were sent on Monday arrived on Wednesday.

_____ 4. The winners deserved the big prize.

_____ 5. The plants are growing in the garden need a lot of water.

_____ 6. The shining stars lit up the darkened sky.

_____ 7. The driver rapidly increased the speed of the racing car.

_____ 8. The excited children trying to build a snowman in the falling snow.

_____ 9. The students are completing the course will graduate in June.

_____ 10. The dissatisfied customer is returning the broken toaster to the store.


1. C 

2. I - missing verb (could be is taking)

3. I - double verb (were sent and arrived)

4. C 

5. I double verb (are growing and need)

6. C 

7. C 

8. I missing verb (could be are trying)

9. I double verb (are completing and will graduate)

10. C

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