Choose the letter of the word or group of words that best completes the sentence.

1.   _____ of the Pueblo Indians centered on intensive agriculture.

(A) The economic activity

(B) Because the economic activity

(C) The economy was active

(D) When the economic activity


2.   In popular terminology, any long snowstorm with ____ is called a blizzard.

(A) the amount of wind is large

(B) a large amount of wind

(C) it is very windy

(D) very windy


3.   Nuclear power can be produced by fusion, _____ produced by fission.

(A) it can also be

(B) it can also

(C) and it can also be

(D) and it can also


4.   _____, igneous rocks may be changed into gneisses.

(A) The temperature is high

(B) If the temperature is high

(C) High temperatures

(D) If high temperature


5.   In 1905, Henry Flagler _____ his plans to extend his Florida East Coast Railway out across the sea to Key West.

(A) it was announced

(B) announcement

(C) the announcement of

(D) announced


6.   The sound ____ from a vibrating object will be high or low depending on the number of vibrations.

(A) Comes

(B) it is coming

(C) is coming

(D) coming


7.   During the late 1880s, urban streetcars were electrified through ______ large motors.

(A) they used

(B) used

(C) the use of

(D) when they used


8.   _____ almost 274 square miles, but 96 percent of the park is under water.

(A) Although Biscayne National Park encompasses

(B) Biscayne National Park encompasses

(C) Biscayne National Park encompassing

(D) Biscayne National Park


9.   Legislation _______ in 1916 and 1917 gave the Wilson administration authority to intervene in the national economy if it proved necessary.

(A) it was passed

(B) was passed

(C) passed

(D) passes


10.  Because a family of birds set up housekeeping in Joel Chandler Harris’s mailbox when the birds were in need of a place to stay, ______ the Wren’s Nest.

(A) the home is named

(B) so the home is named

(C) naming the home

(D) the home’s name

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