Short Message

Pada pembelajaran kali ini, kita akan mempelajari salah satu materi yang sering muncul pada Ujian Nasional (UN) tingkat SMP, yaitu tentang short message.

Short message merupakan sebuah teks dalam bentuk pesan singkat yang biasa ditulis sewaktu mengirim SMS atau catatan singkat yang bisa diletakkan misalnya pada kulkas, dinding, papan tulis, atau sosial media terkait dengan berbagai aktivitas atau kejadian. Dari teks jenis ini berbagai keterampilan membaca bisa ditanyakan.

Beberapa topik yang sering dimunculkan dalam soal Ujian Nasional biasanya terkait dengan kegiatan sekolah maupun aktifitas keseharian yang meliputi beberapa hal berikut:
  • Permintaan maaf
  • Ucapan terima kasih
  • Pemberitahuan aktivitas/kegiatan
  • Penundaan Kegiatan (ekstrakurikuler, pembelajaran, kerja kelompok, dll)
  • Pembatalan Kegiatan (ekstrakurikuler, pembelajaran, kerja kelompok, dll)
Yuk, coba kerjakan soal short message online untuk persiapan ulangan harian, PTS, PAS ataupun Ujian Nasional.

Questions 1 and 2 refer to the following text.

Dear Hanna,
Can you pick me up? I have just landed safely at the airport. I am on my way to take my luggage. I will be waiting in the passenger lounge.
Thanks, dear.
Your Mom

1. Why does Mom send the message?

(a) To ask Hanna to pick her up.
(b) To tell Hanna about her luggage.
(c) To inform Hanna about the plane. 
(d) To describe the passenger lounge.

2. Hanna's mother sent the message while she was ....

(a) landing in the airport
(b) walking to take the luggage
(c) waiting at the lounge
(d) keeping her luggage

Questions 3 and 4 refer to the following text.
Dear Dio,
There will be a web design championship. I think it is a good chance for us to challenge our creativity in making an interesting web design by using some applications. I am pretty sure it will be great if we can participate. The competition will be held in Pemuda Hall in the next two months. I intend to find a further info about it. We need to discuss it further tomorrow after school. Looking forward to hearing from your ideas.

3. The message aims to ....
(a) learn about a web design championship
(b) inform about a web design championship
(c) challenge Dio's creativity in a championship
(d) ask Dio to join a web design championship with Galang

4. We can from the text see that Galang ....
(a) challenges Dio to show off his ability in the match
(b) shows his interest injoining the web design competition
(c) asks Dio to make a captivating web design for the championship
(d) invites Dio to compete with other participants in the competition

Read the text to answer questions 5 – 6.
Dear all Students members,
The time for preparing our art performance for Students to Europe is limited. We plan to start our 'angklung' music practice next week. Let me know your available day and time. We need at least 80 minutes for practice. Text the available time via our WhatsApp group soon.
Thank you.

5. The text is mainly about ... available day and time for 'angklung' music practice.

    (a) saying
    (b) finding
    (c) collecting
    (d) announcing
    6. What would happen if all the members texted the available day and time through WA group?
    (a) The preparation of angklung music is made.
    (b) The procedure of the angklung music practice is set.
    (c) The result of the day and time to practise is cancelled.
    (d) The process of deciding time and day to practise is started.

    Read the text to answer questions 7 and 8.
    Dear Ramdan,
    I'm sorry for cancelling our plan to visit grandma on Lebaran day. I hope you are not upset. I promise we will do it next year.
    7. What is the writer's purpose to write the text? 
    (a) To ask for forgiveness for being upset.
    (b) To tell when they will visit their grandma.
    (c) To inform what they will do on the next year.
    (d) To inform the cancellation of visiting grandma.

    8. What was their plan for the Lebaran day this year?
    (a) Cancelling their visit to grandma.
    (b) Gathering in Ramdan's house.
    (c) Having Lebaran day together.
    (d) Visiting their grandma.

    Read the text to answer questions 9 and 10.
    Dear Robin,
    Mom is going to the Supermarket with your father. Please pick your sister up at usual place at 14.30. Don’t forget to mend your brother’s bike before he goes home from school. Mom will back soon.
                   Mrs. Tamara

    9. From the text we can conclude that …
    (a) Robin is the only son in his family
    (b) Robin reminded his mom to mend the bike
    (c) Robin knows where he must pick his sister up.
    (d) No one accompanies Mrs. Tamara to the supermarket.

    10. ‘And don’t forget mend your brother’s bike’
    The similar meaning of the underlined word is …
    (a) wash
    (b) repair
    (c) clean
    (d) move

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